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The Other Side of Life

“The people that I photograph, from the lines in their faces, to the dirt on their hands, are more real to me as a photographer than every Tom, Dick, and Harry you might see”

Street photographer Ronald Corbin tries to find meaning by revealing the parts of life that we try to ignore​.​

Lady new to bridge

Lady new to bridge

Lady 5 Months Later

Same lady 5 months later

We first met Ron while filming the Man On The Streets video in Philadelphia. Ron was walking through Rittenhouse Square and we asked him if he would mind answering a few questions about life and purpose for us on camera. He obliged and gave us one of the most straightforward answers we had heard all day while on our search for the meaning of life – “I have no clue…”

After sharing a few more details with us about his life and his twenty years of service as a US Marine, Ron started to share some stories with us about his street photography. Later that night Marc, LifeMeansWhat’s project director, visited Ron’s website and was brought to tears by the photographs he saw. That is what led us to doing this follow up interview with Ron in the same park, a week later.

Watch the video to see what Ron sees in life and on the streets he photographs.


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